moving on?


people said that moving on is something you could have, not something you should have.
it's choice, not a need.

but now, in a needing of :
1. better time to writing
2. going mobile so i could write and post everywhere
and blogspot didn't have support for that, please welcome another new family :

it's mainstream, yeah.
i need no acknowledgement from people that i'm anti-mainstream or i'm what.
people judging me is not the least thing i care about, still not the first though, and no priority.

i think this page won't be as active (as it's already as passive i could :p)

so, see you there!


saat yang cocok

nampaknya saat yang cocok untuk menggalau :)

tapi apa daya keinginan tinggal keinginan. menggalau hanya tinggal impian.

mengapa bahagia kau tolak, wahai manusia sempurna?



welcoming the new family

three years ago, i met her.
she was young, very young.
agile, fast, durable.

many months has passed, many things happened.

rachel, i said.

but now she won't be with me anymore,
going away, left behind.
she's not old, but not young anymore.
didn't passed her productive phase yet, but unable to work much
some problems we had, just can't be finished

we separated yesterday

but now, i'm with rachell.
her sister, much younger, much durable, much agile
hopefully there would be many memories will be made.
more and more...




Hello world (not) for the first time.
I thought that this could be the future, where my life could depend on its publication.
nut whatever, it isn't giving any marks of going well.

nevertheless, I won't stop trying.
it is coming even better.
i'm going mobile.




selamat datang pada kehidupan yang penuh rasa sakit dan sesal yang amat dalam!

mereka bilang, "with great power comes great responsibility"
but truly, that doesn't meant that "no power, no responsibility"

sama saja seperti ayam dan telurnya, tidak ada yang datang lebih dulu antara kekuatan dan tanggung jawab, semuanya datang pada saat bersamaan.

bertanggung jawablah, maka kekuatan itu akan datang.
jadilah kuat, maka tanggung jawab itu akan menjadi milikmu

ketika dirimu lemah, tanggung jawab tak akan pergi darimu
sebaliknya, ketika tanggung jawabmu lenyap tak berbekas,
kekuatan belum tentu meninggalkanmu menjadi jejak sejarah hidup

dibutuhkan hati yang tegar untuk menerima kenyataan
dibutuhkan pemikiran yang lugas untuk membedakan bagian mana yang kenyataan dan bukan

tapi tidak dibutuhkan sedikitpun alasan untuk duduk terdiam,
dan melepas tanggung jawabmu, selemah apapun juga.

tidak dibutuhkan sedikitpun alasan untuk tetap menunggu kekuatan itu datang,
dan mendapatkan tanggung jawab

berpikirlah, wahai kaum yang pemikir
bersenang-senanglah, wahai kaum yang pecinta kesenangan
sebetulnya perbedaan itu hanya timbul karena kita berusaha menyatukan,
bukan menerima kenyataan dan bertanggungjawab akan segala yang telah terjadi

seberapa menyakitkan
seberapapun menyedihkan
seberapapun itu memalukan

show some mercy, not your pride
show forgiveness, not your weakness



unit serba ada

kata kocho juga, lfm itu unit serba ada.

gue ga salah, pernah berpikir yang sama.
yang salah adalah pemikiran itu ga dikeluarkan dan direalisasikan.

get a move on, a big one, you fucking lazy ass.


look on what i have

i have two feet
i have two hands
i have one simple head
i have a pair of great myopic eyes with same amount
i have five fingers on each hand and foot
i have a big stomach, big enough to eat a chicken alive, if possible
i have a clear head to think
i have sheer strength to sit and stand

i have opportunity to understand

but look how i don't remember all that
look that i have no thankful feeling for what i have

look what i've done.